Jeffrey Hammond

December 2022

Jeffrey Hammond is a British artist who enjoys the challenge of painting man’s interaction with the world through the narrative of Townscape, Landscape, People in Interesting Places and even Still Life.


Digital Dobcroft

April 2022

We also create 360 photographic tours. This one was created for Dobcroft Nature Reserve and is an ongoing digital inclusion project where volunteers are encouraged to add photographs and videos of things they have spotted or observed whilst working on the reserve. We also created an illustrated map for the project.


Brendan Shaw: Fine Art Print

March 2022

Brendan utilises photography and screen printing to highlight the architectural accents of northern towns in the UK. He also combines a vast array of print materials to produce a multi-layered abstraction of processes that blend elements from nature, illustration and collage.

We used our ready-to-go gallery (Piccola Scatola) to exhibit Brendan Shaw's innovative fine art prints.



February 2022

This project was a collaboration between Cassetta and Stephen Clarke. Stephen gave me 11 of his photographs that he made during his time in San Diego in 1986 and I create a unique and bespoke gallery to house them.


The Grand Old Dob of Yen

December 2021

I created a gallery that complemented the unencumbered mark-making and purest form of expression found in abstract painting.


Remote: Graduate Exhibition 2021

June 2021

Blackpool School of Arts did not want this exhibition to look 'real', so I based the look of it on an illustration of a gallery and sketches of architectural features that adorn the School of arts' building. It is a huge project, showing 200 artworks by HE and FE graduates.


All That Glitters

March 2021

I was able to create this gallery for a specific body of work by Photographer, Richard Weston. I wanted to create something grand in scale and colourful, that revealed its secrets as the viewer moved through the show.


Blackpool Young Seasiders Exhibition 2021

March 2021

I designed and built this exhibition to closely resemble the traditional one that was unable to take place this year because of covid restrictions. In its 75th year, this show had to be something special and this virtual version has not disappointed having received over 3000 visits in its first week.


Wish You Were Here

February 2021

This project was created for final year degree photography students at Blackpool School of Arts. It is available in full VR or online.


Vision 2020

June 2020

I built Vision 2020 in response to the first covid lockdown. It is an online graduate exhibition and features over 80 HE and FE final year students at Blackpool School of Arts.


Jeffrey Hammond

July 2020

This project was built to support Jeffrey's 'Humans Being' exhibition. It is available in full immersive VR or online.


Invisible Mother

April 2019

This VR gallery was built to support artist, Libby Nightingale's exhibition, Invisible Mother. The design was based on the layout of Libby's home.


The VR Gallery Project

This blog follows my theoretical and practical research and development of VR art gallery environments.

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